Meanwhile, in Baltimore…

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Baltimore, Maryland. Filmmaker John Waters, jazz pianist Eubie Blake, and actor John Astin were born there. Edgar Allan Poe died there. When I was a kid my father’s favorite baseball team was not the Yankees or the Mets but the Baltimore Orioles. And now…Epifo Music! Described as “a boutique record label and artist development firm headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland,” Epifo has been releasing music since around 2006. Ever hear of Viking Moses or Golden Ghost? Didn’t think so…but take a listen to The Conquest Night or The Unimaginative Body. So? How does this relate to current events you ask? Well here are three new 2018 releases from EPIFO logo (

HH (

Hamish Hawk & The New Outfit – From Zero to One

Scottish singer/songwriter Hamish Hawk has one those voices that sounds like…somebody…something…an expressive, eccentric baritone that brings to my mind Stan Ridgway of 80s cowpunk-new-wavers Wall of Voodoo. That voice is completely at home in the midst of his four-piece band since 2015, The New Outfit: Andrew Pearson (guitar, mandolin), Alex Duthie (bass), John Cashman (keys), and Barry Carty (drums). Let the Scottishness (Scotchness?) pour over you as Hawk and his henchmen sing of nomads, blueprints, and the Hubble Space Telescope. Pick hits: “Goldenacre,” “Dashing White Sergeant

AA (

Adrian Aardvark – Dying Optimistically

From way up in Plattsburgh, New York comes the quizzical quartet called Adrian Aardvark: singer/guitarist/songwriter Christopher Jay Stott-Rigsbee, violinist/keyboardist Shannon Stott-Rigsbee, upright bassist Catherine Harrison-Wurster, and drummer Christopher Lee Shacklett. Yeah that’s a helluva lotta names. Well, it seems Mr. Shacklett has been replaced by two-name guy Daz Bird on this CD, so… Let’s call this, unique vocalizing – a bit Robert Smith (the Cure), a bit Jonathan Richman – over a big, fat foundation of fuzz guitar, violin, melodica, and strange buzzing keyboards. Sort of the musical equivalent of…the aardvark? And some colorfully gruesome cover art too. Pick hits: “Little Girl,” “Get Gotten

JA (

Jesse Ainslie – Only in the Dark (out May 18)

Drawing from the emotional, often troubled songwriting of Warren Zevon, the homestyle vocals of Jackson Browne, and the magnificent guitar walls of Crazy Horse, it’s guitarist/vocalist Jesse Ainslie (ex-Phosphorescent, Virgin Forest, and Castanets – hmm, more not-exactly household names but worth checking out, especially Castanets). From Chapel Hill, North Carolina by way of Florida and NYC, Ainslie churns up eight flavorful rock recipes featuring keyboardist James Hallawell, bassist Jeff Crawford, and drummer Daniel Hall. Perfect soundtrack for upcoming summer days…and nights, doing stuff only in the dark.  Pick hits: “Caroline,” “Only in the Dark

So, uh, go Orioles! (Oh come on, New Yawkers, I kid)

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