Here we go, another Canadian female surf band (huh?)

From Toronto, Ontario, the birthplace of Neil Young, Rush, and the Band, comes…what the? A 1960s-style instrumental surf rock band of four ladies performing a Britney Spears song? How schizomusical can you get??

Surfrajettes-vs-Britney (

Yes, it’s true. Behold the Surfrajettes! Sarah Butler, Nicole Damoff, Shermy Freeman, and Anna Liebel play music that’s part Ventures, part…well, any other cool surf guitar band you can think of, and look stunning playing it. Clad in gold mini-dresses, white go-go boots, and even matching beehive hairdos, the Surfrajettes let it rip with “Toxic,” Spears’ 2004 top ten hit from the album In the Zone. And it works! The song’s up-and-down hooks lend themselves perfectly to the twangy surf style that guitarists Damoff and Freeman have down to a tee. And the baby-blue amps, sparse drum kit with fun psychedelic band logo (the “S” is a stylized wave), and Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired suburban living room setting only add to the perfection.

Surfrajettes-logo (

Last year the Surfrajettes unleashed their West Coast sounds on the East Coast, performing at the Asbury Park Surf Music Festival alongside the legendary Dick Dale and Nashville-based, guitar-instrumentalists Los Straitjackets. Later this summer they’ll do it again – check ‘em out on August 19 at the Asbury Hotel Hangover Pool Party! And of course they play in their native Canada every chance they get, so if you’re ever up that way…

Surfrajettes-cover ( far the band has one official release, a three-track EP of original material brandishing song titles that tout the female side of things while remaining very tongue-in-cheek: “Cha Cha Heels,” “Mrs. Moto,” and “Undercover Secretary.” Hopefully these songs and the “Toxic” video are only the ripples before the big banzai – a full album, more crazy covers, and beyond!


Surfrajettes-onthesofa (


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