Another year down the drain…


…which means it’s time for the Schizomusica Top 100 of 2018! Before New Year’s this time! With video links! (except two) and Spotify playlist link at the bottom! So Happy Holidaze!

  1. TIME SONG – The Kinks
  3. CATATONIC – The Essex Green
  4. WHISPER – Richard Lloyd
  5. TOXIC – The Surfrajettes
  6. WE’RE SO NICE – The Damned
  7. 25 LINES – Elk City
  8. SMALL VICTORIES – The Lemon Twigs
  9. DISAPPEARING MAN – Byron Isaacs
  10. YOU KNOW HOW IT IS – Kero Kero Bonito
  11. D.R.U.N.K. – Shooter Jennings
  12. ADVICE TO THE PRESIDENT – Chandler Travis Philharmonic
  13. SLOANE RANGER – The Essex Green
  14. HOLD THAT THOUGHT – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
  15. WHAT’S DONE IS DONE – Jack White
  16. CONSEQUENCES – The Walk-A-Bout
  17. SONAR DECEIT – The Damned
  18. HEARTBREAKER – Rich Hope
  19. COOL LIKE YOU – Blossoms
  20. I WAS A FOOL – Sunflower Bean
  21. KIMI NO MIKATA – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
  22. DESOBEISSANCE – Mylène Farmer
  23. MAKE BELIEVE – Kero Kero Bonito
  24. SPARROW – Elk City
  25. ANGEL – Charles Lloyd & The Marvels with Lucinda Williams
  26. I’LL BE YOUR PILOT – Belle and Sebastian
  27. SINKING SANDS – Sunflower Bean
  29. THE 710 – The Essex Green
  30. TIEDUPRIGHTNOW – Parcels
  31. SKIN AND BONES – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
  32. HIGH HORSE – Kacey Musgraves
  33. WONDERIN’ WAYS – The Lemon Twigs
  34. WARRANTY – Meat Puppets
  35. WHY WON’T HEAVEN HELP ME? – Elvis Costello & The Imposters
  36. PROCRASTINATION – The Damned
  37. VOTE ’EM OUT – Willie Nelson
  38. WHEN SHE’S LOST YOUR MIND – Steve Barton
  39. YOUR GHOST – The Decemberists
  40. BAD LUCK – Neko Case
  41. FLYWAY – Kero Kero Bonito
  42. DAILY LIAR – The Damned
  43. THE SECOND SHIFT – Virginia Wing
  44. THAT’S JUST THE WAY IT GOES – The Walk-A-Bout
  45. BURNT SUGAR IS SO BITTER – Elvis Costello & The Imposters
  46. I CAN TELL – Richard Lloyd
  47. RIDE THE SLIDE – Elk City
  48. NAMELESS, FACELESS – Courtney Barnett
  49. ANGELS FLY – Gin Blossoms
  50. BEST FRIEND – Belle and Sebastian
  51. TOO MUCH TOO SOON – Sunshine & The Rain
  52. SING ME A SONG – Cowboy Junkies
  53. DIP YOU IN HONEY – The Wombats
  54. TIR HA MOR – Gwenno
  55. HI HELLO – Johnny Marr
  56. THINGS ARE LOOKING UP – The Walk-A-Bout
  57. QUEEN OF MY SCHOOL – The Lemon Twigs
  58. LOIS LANE – Franz Ferdinand
  59. EVERYBODY KNOWS – The Jayhawks
  60. DUST – Charles Lloyd & The Marvels with Lucinda Williams
  61. COME THROUGH – The Regrettes
  63. THERE’S A LIGHT – Jonathan Wilson
  64. LITTLE RULE BREAKER – Steve Barton
  65. PUPPET STRINGS – Sunflower Bean
  67. DADDY’S FARM – Byron Isaacs
  68. PINK OCEAN – The Voidz
  69. ONLY IN THE DARK – Jesse Ainslie
  70. THUNDERCLOUDS – LSD (Labrinth, Sia & Diplo)
  71. NEVER KNOW – The Lemon Twigs
  72. TWENTYTWO – Sunflower Bean
  73. SPIN OUR WHEELS – Sloan
  74. FUTURE ME HATES ME – The Beths
  75. EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE FAMOUS – Superorganism
  76. I LOVE LA – Starcrawler
  77. DIRTY COMPUTER – Janelle Monáe (feat. Brian Wilson)
  78. DISAPPOINTMENT – Chandler Travis Three-O
  79. DARK SPRING – Beach House
  80. SUNSHINE ROCK – Bob Mould
  81. BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT – Melody’s Echo Chamber
  82. INVISIBLE FRIENDS – Justus Proffit & Jay Som
  83. WHEN THE CURTAIN FALLS – Greta Van Fleet
  84. YOUR DOG – Soccer Mommy
  85. MODERN RAIN – The Essex Green
  86. LA LUNE EST CROCHE – Michot’s Melody Makers
  87. SHADOW PEOPLE – The Limiñanas (feat. Emmanuelle Seigner)
  88. SUGAR & SPICE – Hatchie
  89. PSYCHIC LIPS – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
  90. GOLDENACRE – Hamish Hawk & The New Outfit
  91. PARTY LINE – The Surfrajettes
  94. UP YOU – Rachel Taylor Brown
  95. HUMILITY – Gorillaz (feat. George Benson)
  97. MORE THAN THIS NIGHT – Chandler Travis Three-O
  98. LOVE’S GONE AGAIN – Starcrawler
  99. SNOW BOUND – The Chills
  100. IT COME ALIVE – Rich Hope

Countdown-style playlist (songs reversed) on Spotify:

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Happy 248th, Mr. Beethoven!

Beethoven-portrait-1 (

What were you doing on December 16, 1770? If you’re that old, you might recall a guy named Ludwig van Beethoven was born that day in Bonn, Germany. A little later on in 1824, the younger folks (!) certainly remember one of Mr. B’s works was performed for the first time in Vienna. He called it “Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125” (a.k.a. the “Choral Symphony”). Being a 20th century boy though, I only heard of Beethoven around 1967 from this dude:

Schroeder (

So back to the 9th…ominous stuff, that beginning movement, Allegro ma non troppo. Dark ’n’ stormy, to borrow the name of one of my favorite cocktails. The second movement, Molto vivace, is all vigorous, unstoppable rhythm and ghostly string echoes that make the music sound like it’s bouncing back and forth off massive mountains, in and out of vast valleys. Not even the liveliest of Mozart can rival it. Movement number three, Adagio molto e cantabile, the slow one, is indeed slow, but you can’t have the whole symphony without it. And it’s got an appropriately Beethoven-ish loud, pompous fanfare in the middle.

Finally, the famous last movement. Three minutes in, the familiar melody, nicknamed “Ode to Joy” after Friedrich Schiller’s poem, which makes up most of the “choral” text, creeps along as played by low, mysterious cellos and basses. The opera-esque choral portion is the centerpiece, followed by some real German beer-stein-swinging, and then, twenty-five minutes after the opening notes, the end. WOW. The ultimate piece of music. A symphony within a symphony, it’s been called.

DCINY - Beethoven 12-3-18 (

The colossal work was most recently performed by an equally colossal ensemble of some 300 musicians and vocalists called Distinguished Concerts International, at Carnegie Hall on December 3, 2018. Under the baton of Jonathan Griffith, the DCI orchestra and singers filled the venerable concert hall with so much intensity and jubilance that the hour-plus-long symphony seemed to pass by in a matter of minutes. And…to think Beethoven was deaf when he composed the whole thing. Amazing!

Happy 248th, Mr. B!

Beethoven-portrait-2 (

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A couple of Richards (and their guitars) are back

That would be former Television member Richard Lloyd and Canadian garage-blues-rocker Rich Hope.

richard-lloyd-1 ( (
Orange jackets rock!

rich-hope-i'm-all-yours-cover (

This fall saw the release of Rich Hope’s first album in nine years, a ten-song rock ’n’ roll romp entitled I’m All Yours. How about some good ol’ 1960s organ out of the Doors and “96 Tears” garages? Then nothing like “5 Cents a Dance” and album opener “It Come Alive” (uh, shouldn’t that be “I Come Alive”? Rich? Oh well). Like loud, uproarious stuff a la Mojo Nixon? Hope’s version of the Juke Boy Bonner B-side “Runnin’ Shoes” is for you. Straight-up, slow-cooked, searing blues? Dive into “Paranoia Blues” and “La Iguana.” Crazy, creepy voodoo stuff? “Creepstone” is your ticket. What about an obscure Flamin’ Groovies cover from that band’s earliest days in 1968? Yes, it’s “Golden Clouds” (and with a very cool video!). Feel like some easy-goin’ rockin’ soul? Go for “Blow Away.” Want your rockin’ soul with more horns and a rougher edge? Then it’s “Some Kind of Love.” Care for some extended slide guitar ecstasy? Last track “Heartbreaker”’ll do it. Rich Hope makes his home in Vancouver, British Columbia and has been churning out his hardcore brand of blues rock since 1998. Ya should also check out his debut record from that year, Good to Go.

Rich Hope. Nov 11/2016  Anza Club Vancouver, BC.


richard-lloyd-countdown-cover (

Meanwhile, Richard Lloyd – co-founder and co-guitarist of legendary NYC band Television – has come out with his eighth solo album, The Countdown. Leading off with “Wind in the Rain” and that trademark in-your-face riffing that defined Television’s classic Marquee Moon, Lloyd sings his songs of woe in a shaky baritone not unlike the late, great Warren Zevon. “Smoke” sounds like it could’ve perhaps fit onto Television’s second album Adventure; “So Sad” showcases Lloyd’s intact-as-ever guitar antics against a bleak backdrop; first single “Whisper” does anything but, as it chugs along in fine Richard Lloyd power-pop style (including a chorus of “Oh forever”s that beg to be sung along to); “I Can Tell,” one of the album’s best tracks, continues the delightful power-pop groove; the touching moments of “Just My Heart” and “Something Remains” intertwine with more classic Lloyd guitarism; “Down the Drain” is another fun, rockin’ sing-along, uh, for those who think they’ve lost everything; and the playful title song “Countdown” is just that, a countdown – with space-travel phrases galore – as Mr. Lloyd and his band (Nashville session men Dave Roe on bass and Steve Ebe on drums) blast off into the rock-osphere…

richard-lloyd-2 ( Resnick)


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