A couple of Richards (and their guitars) are back

That would be former Television member Richard Lloyd and Canadian garage-blues-rocker Rich Hope.

richard-lloyd-1 (huffingtonpost.com)rich-hope-vancouver-just-play-something-portrait (markmaryanovich.com)
Orange jackets rock!

rich-hope-i'm-all-yours-cover (richhope.bandcamp.com)

This fall saw the release of Rich Hope’s first album in nine years, a ten-song rock ’n’ roll romp entitled I’m All Yours. How about some good ol’ 1960s organ out of the Doors and “96 Tears” garages? Then nothing like “5 Cents a Dance” and album opener “It Come Alive” (uh, shouldn’t that be “I Come Alive”? Rich? Oh well). Like loud, uproarious stuff a la Mojo Nixon? Hope’s version of the Juke Boy Bonner B-side “Runnin’ Shoes” is for you. Straight-up, slow-cooked, searing blues? Dive into “Paranoia Blues” and “La Iguana.” Crazy, creepy voodoo stuff? “Creepstone” is your ticket. What about an obscure Flamin’ Groovies cover from that band’s earliest days in 1968? Yes, it’s “Golden Clouds” (and with a very cool video!). Feel like some easy-goin’ rockin’ soul? Go for “Blow Away.” Want your rockin’ soul with more horns and a rougher edge? Then it’s “Some Kind of Love.” Care for some extended slide guitar ecstasy? Last track “Heartbreaker”’ll do it. Rich Hope makes his home in Vancouver, British Columbia and has been churning out his hardcore brand of blues rock since 1998. Ya should also check out his debut record from that year, Good to Go.

Rich Hope. Nov 11/2016  Anza Club Vancouver, BC.


richard-lloyd-countdown-cover (schoolkidsrecords.com)

Meanwhile, Richard Lloyd – co-founder and co-guitarist of legendary NYC band Television – has come out with his eighth solo album, The Countdown. Leading off with “Wind in the Rain” and that trademark in-your-face riffing that defined Television’s classic Marquee Moon, Lloyd sings his songs of woe in a shaky baritone not unlike the late, great Warren Zevon. “Smoke” sounds like it could’ve perhaps fit onto Television’s second album Adventure; “So Sad” showcases Lloyd’s intact-as-ever guitar antics against a bleak backdrop; first single “Whisper” does anything but, as it chugs along in fine Richard Lloyd power-pop style (including a chorus of “Oh forever”s that beg to be sung along to); “I Can Tell,” one of the album’s best tracks, continues the delightful power-pop groove; the touching moments of “Just My Heart” and “Something Remains” intertwine with more classic Lloyd guitarism; “Down the Drain” is another fun, rockin’ sing-along, uh, for those who think they’ve lost everything; and the playful title song “Countdown” is just that, a countdown – with space-travel phrases galore – as Mr. Lloyd and his band (Nashville session men Dave Roe on bass and Steve Ebe on drums) blast off into the rock-osphere…

richard-lloyd-2 (ughmylifeissohard.wordpress.com:Marcia Resnick)


Images courtesy huffingtonpost.com, markmaryanovich.com, richhope.bandcamp.com, finetuned.ca/FineTuned Vancouver Photography, schoolkidsrecords.com, ughmylifeissohard.wordpress.com/Marcia Resnick


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